Project Pan Round 1 FINALE

So, this is the end of Round 1 for my project pan. I’ll be telling you about my progress on the products I have left, tell you if they’ll be kept for Round 2 and also tell you my thoughts and tips for a successful project pan.


I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s just because I don’t have that much to show you. There’s only 2 products left and one of them I have to throw in the bin. It’s changed smell and doesn’t perform as well as when I got it, a couple years ago. And also, it’s a new year, I didn’t want to carry this Project Pan to 2015. I actually thought I would be done with it long ago, but surprise surprise – I didn’t. I started it in March and have gone through a lot of products but it took me awhile too. So here is the round up of my products:

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Finish 6 by Xmas – Update #1

1- The Body Shop body butter duo in the scent Floral Açaí: There wasn’t that much product in it, I finished it very fast. Can’t remember the exact date, though.

2 – Tresemme Dry Shampoo: This one doesn’t require a new picture since you wouldn’t be able to see the product in it anyway. I finished it in october, around the 16th.

3 – O Boticário (brazilian brand) hand cream in Strawberry and Milk: This one also didn’t have that much product in it and I finished it really fast as well, in the beginning of October.

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