My everyday skincare routine

I mostly talk about makeup on my project pan, but I decided to show you the skincare products I use everyday. It is really important to have a nice clean, hydrated skin to do your makeup and make it look nice and protect  your skin from the sun is key for reasons we all know about.


Skincare 1


1 – Tea tree skin clearing facial wash, 2 – Tea Tree skin clearing toner, 3 – Tea Tree skin clearing lotion  (The Body Shop)I bought this kit the last time I went to the US, and I’ve been loving using it so much. It makes my skin feel so fresh in the morning and I believe it helps with redness on my skin.


Skincare 2


4 – Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: I use this sometimes in place of the tea tree lotion.

5 – Aveeno Positively radiant daily moisturizer: Since it’s winter here in the southern hemisphere, my skin sometimes needs extra hydration, and this moisturizer does it for me, specially with an spf of 15 that I feel is enough when I’m not gonna be out and about in the sun.

6- La Roche-Posay fps 60 sunscreen: I use this sunscreen everyday.


Skincare 3


 7 – Yes to cucumbers soothing eye gel: I use it everyday before my Shiseido eye cream (that is on my project pan) to reduce puffiness around my eyes.


Next week I’ll show you my everyday makeup products that are not necessarily in my project pan.


What are your skincare favorites?




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