Project Pan Round 2 – List of Products

Hey Gals! For this round of project pan I have chosen 11 products I want to finish up, but unlike my last project pan, most of these products are not things I have to make myself use, I actually would use them regularly even without this project, I just want that little push to actually use them up.

 So here are the products I intend on finishing on this round of project pan:

all products round 2

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The Makeup Purge

Hey gals, I know it’s been forever since I last posted here, but I just hadn’t been in the mood to make posts for the blog in the last couple of months. I was out of inspiration and on summer vacation so I spent most of my days chilling, and just didn’t feel like posting, so sorry for that. Also I didn’t know if I wanted to do a second round of project pan because I was afraid I didn’t have enough interesting products to put here, and I thought this semester I wouldn’t be using that much makeup but I realized I am, so I’ll try to post soon an introduction to my next project pan.

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