Makeup Inventory – January 2015

If you follow my blog for a while you know I’ve talked about how ridiculous my makeup stash is. Nobody needs this much makeup and I probably won’t be able to use all of it up in a lifetime (considering I’ll always buy more). I have made an inventory last year and I’m always updating it whenever I buy something, finish something or give a product away to somebody.

I have a problem with buying makeup, as you’ve seen in my Project Pan No Buy, you know I just can’t help buying makeup. I love it. There’s nothing else in the world I buy that makes me happier than lusting over and then getting a new makeup product. It’s just the best. But with that said, I do have a problem. Most products I own go bad since I can’t use them in the time frame the companies suggest you use the stuff up. I just wanted to show you how much I have because that is like admitting you have an addiction. They say it’s the first step to recovery, right? I am trying to be more conscious about my buying habits but it’s hard to stop. I do love watching makeup videos on youtube or reading about new stuff on blogs and it just makes me want to buy more and more.

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Thoughts and tips about Project Pan

I just finished my first round of project pan and I wanted to write about what I’ve thought during this long process of trying to use up my makeup.

If you’d like to first read about my reasons for doing a project pan, you can first read about it in my project pan questionnaire post I did awhile back.

One thing I’m often pondering about project pan is how crazy this concept is. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great idea and cuddos for the girl who invented it but still, we shouldn’t need an incentive to use our makeup ’till it’s finished. I know many people have talked about it before but a regular person will only have a small bag of makeup, with maybe 5 – 10 products max and they will go through an entire blush, concealer, eyeshadow, etc. But it’s kind of crazy how we love to buy and get new things and accumulate. Each person has a reason to do it, be it conscious or subconscious but I do think it’s too much. I would love to be less materialistic and more minimalistic but I know I’m still not in that place in my life. With that said, I love doing project pan because even though it’s crazy that we need it, it’s awesome that it exists for people like us that do tend to collect a lot of makeup.

Other than that, I have thought of some ways to be successful on a project pan. Here are my tips:

Project Pan Round 1 FINALE

So, this is the end of Round 1 for my project pan. I’ll be telling you about my progress on the products I have left, tell you if they’ll be kept for Round 2 and also tell you my thoughts and tips for a successful project pan.


I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s just because I don’t have that much to show you. There’s only 2 products left and one of them I have to throw in the bin. It’s changed smell and doesn’t perform as well as when I got it, a couple years ago. And also, it’s a new year, I didn’t want to carry this Project Pan to 2015. I actually thought I would be done with it long ago, but surprise surprise – I didn’t. I started it in March and have gone through a lot of products but it took me awhile too. So here is the round up of my products:

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