The second finished product – Benefit Erase Paste – review

I decided to do in depth reviews of the products that I finish, because I believe that when you finish a product it means you’ve used it enough times to know if it works, if it doesn’t, what are the pros and cons of it.

To begin with, my skin is a MAC NC20, but my under eyes work better with concealers in NW20 (because yellow concealers tend to make my under eye area look gray). I use the color 02 Medium of the Erase Paste. My under eye area is usually really dark, and depending on how much and how well I sleep, it gets darker or a bit lighter.



This Benefit concealer has a peachy tone (like correctors) and is also an under eye brightener, all in one. It matches my skin quite well and blends in nicely. It doesn’t set so well, it looks very dewey and luminous (not something I personally like for my under eye) so whenever I use this, I feel the need to set it with a powder. It works really well with the under eye setting powder PowderFlage by Benefit as well, but it has been discontinued. I’ve been using it with the Bare Minerals Well Rested setting powder, but I feel like the area gets too light with this powder. I like the coverage of it because of the brightening effect, it is a thick, pasty concealer and it does settle in my fine lines. Maybe I use too much of it, and that’s the reason why it settles. You only need a tiny amount of this concealer, but since it was in my project pan, I believe I was using more than necessary to finish it up quickly. But still, in my opinion it is a bit greasy, so it’s not something I reach for to use on my face, only the eye area.



The best result I’ve gotten using this concealer is to buff it with the ELF studio flawless concealer brush*, because this brush makes the concealer blend nicely and flawlessly onto the skin, it does give a natural finish. The concealer doesn’t feel and look as heavy as when I use it with other brushes, and I like to bring a bit of the concealer down, past the under eye part, to try to blend it better on the skin and get a (discreet) brightening effect on the cheeks.


ELF brush compared to Erase Paste


It does take a long time to use a full jar up (when I only had this concealer, it took me more than a year to finish up with daily use) and I still have 2 jars of it to be used, one of which is already open. Because I’ve been using it daily for a while, I’ve gotten kind of tired of using it, so as I said on my other post, I’ve turned to my NARS radiant creamy concealer, but when I use it up, I’ll probably have to go back to Erase Paste.


All in all, it is a good high coverage concealer, but it’s honestly not my favorite. It is too creamy and I feel that its brightening effect and thick coverage kind of disappear throughout the day in warm weather (which is the type of weather I get almost the whole year), specially without setting it with a powder.


Erase Paste costs $26 US dollars and it is not for sale in Brazil.

Have you ever used Erase Paste? If so, what do you think of it?


*The link to the elf store is not an affiliated link, it’s just to make it easier for you to find it, in case you were curious


Project Pan Round 1 – Update #1

Here is the first update of the round 1 of my project pan.

I haven’t inserted pictures of some of the products because you wouldn’t be able to tell my progress by the pictures. I will be making marks with a sharpie on some of the products containers, so it will be easier to see my progress on them.

1- MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade: I have been switching this with my Bubble Tea, and I use them both over the lip pencil that’s also on this project pan. I don’t really love how it looks anymore, maybe it’s gotten old, but I’ll keep using it.

2 – MAC Plushglass in Bubble Tea: I have been using this more often that Pink Lemonade, I like the way it looks and feels better than Pink Lemonade.

3 – Contém 1g (brazilian brand) Lip Pencil in Pele Rosado (or Flesh Pink): I’ve been using this regularly, I believe you can see the progress on this picture, compared to last week.


Contém 1g lip pencil

4 – MAC Lipstick in Please Me: I’ve only used this a couple times, don’t think there’s any visible progress. I’m starting to not like the way it looks on my lips, for some reason. Maybe it’s gotten too old.

MAC Lipstick in Please Me


5 – Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32: I’ve been using it everyday. Maybe you can see some progress.

Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream


6 – Benefit Ooh La Lift: I’ve been using this daily under my concealer. Still has a way to go.

7 – Benefit Erase Paste in number 2 (medium): I’ve finished it yesterday! I’m really excited about that!

Benefit Erase Paste


(I will be replacing it with both the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey and a NYX HD Concealer in Light, which is too light for me, so I use it as a brightener for the under eye area, paired with the NARS concealer. I believe the NARS one will be gone soon.)


NARS and NYX concealers


8 – Benefit Eyebrow Pencil in Medium: I have been using this daily. It won’t take long for me to finish it.

Benefit Eyebrow Pencil


9 – Benefit Eye Bright: I haven’t touched it this week. No progress here.

10 – Benefit Porefessional: I’ve been using it everyday, it will be gone soon.

11 – NARS Orgasm blush: It’s the only blush I’ve been wearing since I’ve started this project pan, sometimes I pair it with the NARS Multiple in Orgasm as well, to make it last longer. I think there’s more pan showing this week.

NARS Orgasm Blush


12 – Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Light (deluxe size): as you can see here, I’ve finished this product last friday.

13 – Maybelline Great Lash mascara Lots of Lashes in brownish black: I’ve been using it everyday, paired with an ELF mascara primer and the Benefit Bad Gal lash. I really love the way my lashes look with these 3 mascaras paired together.

14 – Shiseido Perfect Mascara: I haven’t touched this.

15 – Maybelline The Colossal: I haven’t touched this.

16 – Benefit Bad Gal mascara sample: I’ve been using everyday, paired with other mascaras.


So, what do you think about my progress so far?



The first finished product!

As I said in my list of products post, the Bare Minerals Original Foundation had only one use left in it. I finished it up the past friday.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

I like this product and would repurchase if I didn’t have so many other powder foundations to use up.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation

As you can see from the pic below it had 2g/0.07Oz (the full size is 8g/0.28 Oz) and it was in the shade Light, which is a good match for my NC20 skin, although it did oxidize a bit sometimes.

Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Light

I’m happy I can throw this away now, one less to product to use up!

What do you think will be the next product to go?


List of products – Round 1

This is the list of the first batch of products I’m trying to use up. I know the pictures don’t look very good but you can get an idea of what the products are:

.These are all the products of round 1

From left to right, top to bottom:

1- MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade: I want to use this up because it has been open for a long time. It still smells good, though

2 – MAC Plushglass in Bubble Tea: Same reason as Pink Lemonade

3 – Contém 1g (brazilian brand) Lip Pencil in Pele Rosado (or Flesh Pink): I’ve had it for a long time and it’s almost done.

Lip stuff

4 – MAC Lipstick in Please Me: My favorite lipstick ever, am almost done with it.

MAC Please Me Lipstick

5 – Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32: I’ve had it for a while and after opening it and using for a couple days, forgot about it and actually bought a backup, which is also open. Have to use it so it doesn’t expire.

6 – Benefit Ooh La Lift: Don’t really like this product, doesn’t do much in my opinion. Am trying to get rid of it once and for all. Don’t have much left, and definitely wouldn’t repurchase.

Shiseido eye cream and Benefit Ooh La Lift

7 – Benefit Erase Paste in number 2 (medium): This was my first concealer ever, am in my 2nd or 3rd jar already. Used to love it but have found better stuff. I do have a couple of back ups for this, so after I finish this one up, I’ll have to work on one of the back ups, which is open already. I believe I still have a week left of product in it. (Finished it March 27th)

Benefit Erase Paste - almost gone!

8 – Benefit Eyebrow Pencil in Medium: This is good but you have to sharpen it almost every time you use it.

9 – Benefit Eye Bright: Don’t love this product but got 2 back ups of it as gifts. Don’t have much left in this one, as you can see. Gonna have to figure out how to insert this in my routine, seen as I haven’t used it in ages. (Finished it April 11th)

Benefit's eyebrow pencil and eye bright

10 – Benefit Porefessional: Really like this product, does a good job disguising pores for a little while. Doesn’t last too long on my skin, though. I think I’m almost done with it, but a lot of product keeps coming out. I already have a back up for this one.

11 – NARS Orgasm blush: Really hyped by beauty gurus, it is my favorite blush. Have hit pan on it and would repurchase if it wasn’t extremely expensive here in Brazil and if I didn’t have so many other blushes already. As you can see, I’ve hit pan on it. I’ve never finished a blush before in my life because whenever I hit pan, they just break off. Hopefully this won’t happen to my beloved Orgasm blush.

NARS Orgasm blush - with pan showing!

12 – Bare Minerals Original foundation in Light (deluxe size): I have one use left in this one. I wanted to include it so I would feel encouraged crossing off a product in the beginning of my project pan. I actually like it and would repurchase if I didn’t have other powder foundations waiting to be used, including the matte version of this one (used it up March 21st).

13 – Maybelline Great Lash mascara Lots of Lashes in brownish black: This has been opened for so long, it’s (almost) unhealthy. I really don’t like the wand in this and bought the brownish black color by accident. Lately I actually have been enjoying using it, paired with other mascaras. Wouldn’t repurchase, though.

14 – Shiseido Perfect Mascara: I got this one for free with an online purchase in the brazilian Sephora. Really hate this one. Does nothing for my lashes. I want it gone!

15 – Maybelline The Colossal: It’s an okay mascara, it is a brazilian exclusive formula I think, it’s really easy to take it off with warm water but it’s sort of waterproof, if that makes any sense. I don’t plan on repurchasing this one because it fails at keeping my lashes upright.

16 – Benefit Bad Gal mascara sample: It’s almost dried up, it’ll finish soon.


So, these are the products I’m trying to use up for now. I’ll try to do weekly updates, showing my progress.

How long do you think it’ll take me to use these products up?


Blogging about project pan: the beginning

Hi, I’m Luiza, I’m a 24 year old student from Brazil and I love makeup. I love it so much that in a couple years span of loving makeup I’ve collected a considerable amount of it and now feel like my collection is getting out of hand. Some of it might already be expired and other things are well on their way to expiring. I’ve started to feel really bad about letting that happen so I started a project pan. Then I figured that everybody owns a makeup blog these days so why shouldn’t I? 


I believe having this blog will keep me accountable on my goals, (I’m still trying to figure out what they are) and also help me keep track of my progress and hopefully one day help somebody else look at their own makeup collection in a different way.


I haven’t set any specific time frame to finish the whole project, but once I get a hang on this project pan thing, I’ll be setting up time frames and my specific goals.


The one rule I have decided on is that I won’t be buying new products for a while (with the exception of a limited edition blush by MAC that will be coming out here in Brazil later this year), but not necessarily until I’ve finished the whole project. (I should explain that makeup in Brazil is really expensive and that also we don’t get new products at the same time as other countries or even have all the brands/products they do other places in the world, so that should make my “no buy” a bit easier).


 I’ll be posting soon the products I’m trying to use up on the first round of project pan.

Also, a little disclaimer: everything you’ll see in this blog I’ve bought with my own money.