Project Pan Round 2 – List of Products

Hey Gals! For this round of project pan I have chosen 11 products I want to finish up, but unlike my last project pan, most of these products are not things I have to make myself use, I actually would use them regularly even without this project, I just want that little push to actually use them up.

 So here are the products I intend on finishing on this round of project pan:

all products round 2

Face products: 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess (deluxe size sample): This sample I got in a 500 point perk at Sephora a long time ago. I do love this bronzer but since it’s getting old, I just want to go through it. I am able to see the rings of the pan showing, so it won’t be too long until I hit pan:

Tarte Bronzer

Benefit Bella Bamba (deluxe size sample): This sample I got at a Sephora purchase a while ago and even though I do not mind having tons of bluses (I currently have around 20 blushes in my collection) this is getting old and I have another sample of it as well as a unopened full size blush. I have already hit pan on it and every time I use it, the pan gets bigger, so even though I’ve been enjoying using different blushes every time I do my makeup, I don’t think it’s gonna take too long to use this one up.

Benefit Bella Bamba

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in Brightener: This one I tried to finish up on my Finish 6 by Xmas 2014 but wasn’t successful. As I said on that post, I do like this product however I want to go through it since it’s getting old.

Maybelline Instant Age rewind

NYX Green Concealer: This is another oldie. I do not like this product very much, I wouldn’t repurchase it. Even though I’ve hit pan, it’s not something I reach for on a daily basis. Considering I do have nice skin (only some redness and discoloration) I rarely need the extra step of a green concealer, considering foundation usually does its job covering redness up. But it’s another product that’s been getting old and I want to go through it as quickly as possible.

Benefit Watts Up Highlighter sample: This one I got at the end of last year in my Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot palette and I think it’s a bit dry because of the packaging. Since it’s a pretty small sized highlighter, I don’t think I will have trouble finishing it up. I do enjoy the look it gives on the skin however, by the end of the day all you have left on your face is glitter.


Urban Decay Saturated Lip Pencil in Lovechild: This one’s an awesome product. Even though I’m a matte lip girl all the way, this pink lip pencil makes your lips look creamy and beautiful. For some reason I rarely reach for it and it’s another product that’s been getting old. I have put it in my beauty bag I carry with me and will use it for touch ups when I need it. It’s a product I would most definitely repurchase.

UD Lovechild

MAC Lip Pencil in Subculture: I love the color of this lip pencil, and I love pairing it with Myth lipstick (since Myth’s a bit too light and patchy on my lips). However, this is such a dry lip pencil that it actually hurts my lips. I just want to go through it and find another nude lip pencil to pair with Myth.

MAC Subculture

MAC Lipstick in Myth: As I’ve said before, I can’t use this lipstick by itself, it looks plain weird. I do love it paired with lipliner and lipgloss. I picked this one because it’s the lipstick I’m the most close to finishing and one I can use everyday without getting bored. I would repurchase it, but I would like to find a nude I don’t have to pair with anything else, because it can be a bit too high maintenance.


Urban Decay Naked Palette depotted shade in Virgin: This is an awesome inner corner highlight shade, I will be sad when it’s gone, however like most of my products here, it’s old. I’ve had the Naked palette for some years now and I just didn’t reach for it, since it’s too glittery. After I depotted some shades, I started using the regularly, and since I have so much pan showing already, I just wanted to include it on this round of project pan to share when I’m done with it. I might have to repress it since it is housed in my Zpalette and I’m afraid it will break and go all over my bronzer and blush, so maybe by the next update there won’t be any pan showing anymore.

UD Virgin

Urban Decay Naked Palette depotted shade in Creep: This is one of the products I have chosen because I don’t like it and have to make myself use. I depotted it to use to set my eyeliner and I have hit pan using it that way. Lately I’ve been using it to darken my crease and blend it with a matte light grey shadow and it looks great. I’ll try to use it like that so I can get through it faster, since I do own 2 matte black eyeshadows that I actually enjoy using more than this one with glitter.

UD Creep

MAC Eyeshadow in Blanc Type: I don’t really like this eyeshadow since it’s too cool for my skin tone. I use it as a brow bone highlight, have hit pan but had to repress it since it broke on me. And now it’s starting to shatter again, so I might have to repress it one more time. Can’t wait for it to be gone.

So, this is my list of products I want to finish up in this project pan. Since I haven’t been using makeup everyday, I think I’m going to do a bi-weekly update and see how that goes.

Are you doing project pan in 2015? Let me know what products you’ve picked to finish this year!


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