The Makeup Purge

Hey gals, I know it’s been forever since I last posted here, but I just hadn’t been in the mood to make posts for the blog in the last couple of months. I was out of inspiration and on summer vacation so I spent most of my days chilling, and just didn’t feel like posting, so sorry for that. Also I didn’t know if I wanted to do a second round of project pan because I was afraid I didn’t have enough interesting products to put here, and I thought this semester I wouldn’t be using that much makeup but I realized I am, so I’ll try to post soon an introduction to my next project pan.

So I am back with a makeup purge. As you know from my makeup inventory, I have a very extensive makeup collection and considering the fact that I possess only a pair of eyes, of lips and one face, I am not able to use all makeup at once or even at all. I decided to go through my collection and be really honest about what I was using/going to use and give away the items I didn’t use. As I have some ladies in my life that are into makeup but do not have easy access to it, I’ll be offering these items to them. They have all been sanitized and if they do not want it, it will be going in the trash.

Here are the items that are going bye bye from my collection:

The Makeup Purge

Eye Products: NYX Jumbo Eyeliner in Black Bean; Panvel eyeliner in Champagne; L’oreal black eyeliner; 5 Coastal Scents eyeshadow samples; MakeupGeek Cupcake eyeshadow; Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow; Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink;

Lip Products: 3 lipstick mixtures I did sometime ago; Quem disse berenice lipstick in Coralosa; NYX Luscious Lip Gloss Pallete in The Nudes – Matte; Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip pen in Loudmouth; NYX Soft Matte lip creams in Tokyo and Antwerp; Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Hot Plum; L’orel Color Riche lipstick in True Red;

Face Products: Revlon PhotoReady Translucent powder; Coastal Scents contouring powder; Benefit Lemon Aid;

Brushes: Contem 1g eyeshadow brush and Belliz buffing brush;

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing what products I decided I do not want staying in my collection. Stay tuned for my Project Pan Round 2 introduction that is coming soon!

Have you purged any items lately? Let me know!


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