Makeup Inventory – January 2015

If you follow my blog for a while you know I’ve talked about how ridiculous my makeup stash is. Nobody needs this much makeup and I probably won’t be able to use all of it up in a lifetime (considering I’ll always buy more). I have made an inventory last year and I’m always updating it whenever I buy something, finish something or give a product away to somebody.

I have a problem with buying makeup, as you’ve seen in my Project Pan No Buy, you know I just can’t help buying makeup. I love it. There’s nothing else in the world I buy that makes me happier than lusting over and then getting a new makeup product. It’s just the best. But with that said, I do have a problem. Most products I own go bad since I can’t use them in the time frame the companies suggest you use the stuff up. I just wanted to show you how much I have because that is like admitting you have an addiction. They say it’s the first step to recovery, right? I am trying to be more conscious about my buying habits but it’s hard to stop. I do love watching makeup videos on youtube or reading about new stuff on blogs and it just makes me want to buy more and more.

I decided to share it with you because I’m sure there are tons of us out there that feel their makeup stash is out of control and for a long time I was embarrassed to show anyone (much less put up on the internet) the amount of makeup I have. But I guess it’s time to put it out there, so maybe it’ll help me keep accountable on my 2015 no buy.

So after this long intro, here are the numbers for my stash. I do count deluxe size products as a full sized one and when it comes to eyeshadow or blush palettes I do count each product individually (i.g the Urban Decay Naked palette consists in 12 eyeshadows so I count it as 12 eyeshadows and not just 1 palette).

 So here are the (scary) numbers:

Eyeshadows: 74

Bronzer/Contour Powder: 6

Highlighters: 6

Blush: 21

Face Primers: 10

Eyebrow Products: 4

Eyeliners: 9

Eye Primers: 3

Liquid/Powder Foundations and BB Creams: 12

Finishing Powders: 7

Under eye finishing powders: 3

Lip products (lipsticks and lipgloss): 34

Mascaras: 11

Concealers: 16

Eye pencils: 20

Lip pencils: 5

I’m sure there are people out there with much more makeup than me and also much less, but this is my reality, but I do feel like I have more than I want (and obviously much more than I need) in most categories. I’m still not ready though to think about my ideal numbers for each category since I am still in the mindset of trying different products out.

I do plan on doing an in depth series of what I own in each category for you to see what products I have, so let me know if that’s something you would be interested in reading about (’cause I’m sure it’ll be a lot of work writing the posts and taking pictures for them).


Have you ever done a makeup inventory? How do you keep track of your products?



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18 thoughts on “Makeup Inventory – January 2015

  1. MarthasMakeup says:

    Loved how you were honest and open in this post. I can’t believe how much I have spent on makeup, having only gotten really into it in ~October 2014. No buys have helped me realize this, and I’m not trying to tell you that it must be the same for you, but I’m sharing because it is important to me —

    (also, I am bipolar and lots of bipolar people have spending problems for psychological reasons, so I’m “special” ha)

    when I stopped buying loads of cosmetics and clothes on my no-buy, I realized that I would get into a frantic mindset in stores and think that a new product would make me “perfect,” or at least feel like it. The advertisements made me uncomfortable being me. Once I stopped looking at the ads, the displays, I became not only happy with my stash, but happier with my features and my body. I went from kind of hating my no buy to definitely loving it.

    That’s just my experience, and I hope it helps! 🙂


    • ProjectPanGal says:

      Thanks so much for sharing, and I do know what you mean about believing the ads and that the products would make you perfect… It’s good to accept how we actually look. I’m also thriving in my no buy and feeling awesome shopping my stash!


    • 1reddiva83 says:

      While I am not bi polar or atleast have not been diagnosed. I understand what you are going through. Looking at other people buying things would make me feel a way that I had to have it. Once I started looking at videos I felt more encourage to buy. Staying out of the mall or staying off websites helps me from overspending.


    • ProjectPanGal says:

      Gotta admit I haven’t been feeling generally overwhelmed with my collection, only lip products I’d say… I am about to finish a ton of products in the next couple weeks so that makes me feel really good. I’m still thinking about project pan, deciding which products would be worth showing, so I don’t have a definite answer on that, but I will post soon a hit pan/finished products!


  2. Pam says:

    I like that you counted out individual shadows in each palatte instead of counting palattes as a unit. It shows a more realistic count of your inventory. Good luck on your downsizing this year!


    • ProjectPanGal says:

      Yes, that’s the reason I counted them individually, because “palette” is not a very specific count of what you have.. And thanks for that, I think I’m already doing quite well with my downsizing and also no buy!


  3. Sylvia says:

    It is funny that we have to have a reason to use up our makeup. I’ve always loved makeup but for much of my life I haven’t worn it regularly. About three years ago I discovered the YouTube beauty community and well my makeup love went to full on makeup addiction. I did an inventory to start off 2015 and was pretty shocked. I like your project pan tips. I went for products I like because I knew it would be a struggle if I didn’t enjoy what I would be using every day. I think that as I go I will let go of more products that I don’t use. I rarely highlight but have more than 12 highlighters ( they are so pretty). I’m also deciding to be honest with myself and not buy makeup I won’t use ( highlighters!) anymore. I opted not to try a year long no buy as I know myself better than that, and I have gift certificates from Christmas, but I am trying to wait until Sephora’s next sale. I think that should help break my habit of spending so much on makeup.


    • ProjectPanGal says:

      Yes, it’s really weird to have to have a reason to use up our makeup.. But as makeup addicts we know how fun it is to try a new product every once in a (all the time) while. I think it’s smart of you to try to stick to a no buy until Sephora’s next sale, how’s that going, btw?


  4. Willow says:

    Not only shopping makeup is addictive, decluttering and re-organising are just as satisfying. Having a budget helps, and I’d rather have less, but better quality. My kit is way less than yours, but still there is room for improvement! (:D) I started my own inventory, and project pan, thanks for the inspiration!
    Eyeshadows: 23 (I use two…)
    Liquid eye thingies: 3 (Love the two from Lush, the glittery irritates my eyes.)
    Highlighters: 2 (I don’t use them.)
    Blush: 1
    Eyeliner: 1
    Liquid/Powder Foundations and BB Creams: 3 (Summer, winter, BB)
    Finishing Powders: 1 (translucent)
    Lip products (lipsticks and lipgloss): 10 (Favourite category: lips. )
    Mascaras: 3 (Two is in bin-near state.)
    Concealers: 1
    Eye pencils: 2 (I have silver and green, I need black.)
    Lip pencils: 4
    Fake lashes: 6

    Well, I’ll rather give away some of these, the irritating eye thingy first! Most days I’m just plain lazy, and use BB, concealer, neutral liquid eye thingy, powder, mascara, and some bright lipstick. To make things easy for my sleepy morning-self I’ll write down different looks.
    My final goal is, to fit all my products in my lovely dressing table’s drawers.


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