Makeup I’ve hit pan on #3

Here’s the update on the products not included on my Project Pan that I’ve managed to hit pan on anyway. One of my goals for this year was to hit pan on 2 powder eyeshadows, which I’ve actually managed to do! And also a cream eyeshadow, which I plan to finish by the end of this year. Here are the pics:


This is my beloved ELF eyebrow kit. It won’t be long until I finish the creamy side, but the powder side is not going anywhere:



The Quem disse berenice (brazilian brand) powder foundation:

Milani XL Bronzer – there’s more pan showing, but since there’s 12g of product, I definitely won’t be finishing it soon:

MAC Painterly paint pot – I use it everyday to cancel out redness on my eyelids, but the shade’s wrong for my complexion. I believe I will be done with it by the end of the year and am really eager for that to happen:



Both of the powder eyeshadows I’ve hit pan on I use as highlights. I don’t really do eyeshadow in an everyday basis, so using highlighting shades is the only way to hit pan on powder eyeshadow for me.

Urban Decay Naked palette eyeshadow in Virgin – I use this as an inner corner highlight. I’ve been concentrating my brush on a specific spot for a couple of weeks (months, maybe) because I love seeing pan show:



MAC Blanc Type powder eyeshadow – I love a creamy matte shade to use as a brow highlight, but since this is very cool toned, doesn’t look too good on me. That’s why I’m focusing on using it up so I can move on to something better. It is a very powdery eyeshadow, so it doesn’t take too long to hit pan on it.



So these are the extra products I’ve hit pan on.


Have you hit pan on anything lately?



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