Project Pan Round 1 – Update #21

1- MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade: I  haven’t used this at all.

2 – MAC Plushglass in Bubble Tea: I haven’t used it.

3 – Contém 1g (brazilian brand) Lip Pencil in Pele Rosado (or Flesh Pink): I haven’t used it at all.

4 – MAC Lipstick in Please Me: I’ve been using it everyday, there’s some visible progress, I believe. I gotta be honest, I really want this lipstick to be gone. I just feel like changing it up a bit when it comes to lip products.

5 – Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32: I’ve been using it everyday.

6 – Benefit Ooh La Lift: I’ve been using it everyday.

7 – Benefit Erase Paste in number 2 (medium): Finished it March 27th.

#7 Replacements: NARS radiant Creamy concealer in Honey and NYX HD Concealer in Light: I’ve been using both everyday. I was going to throw the NYX one out this week but there was a bit of product left but the actual wand wouldn’t reach that part so I had the brilliant idea today to but a small concealer brush inside the tube to reach the product out and it worked. I guess I have a couple more uses out of this concealer and then I’m calling it done!

8 – Benefit Eyebrow Pencil in Medium:  Finished it May 9th.

9 – Benefit Eye Bright: Used it up April 11th.

10 – Benefit Porefessional: Used it up June 17th.

11 – NARS Orgasm blush: I used it everyday this week. Funny (or tragic) story: I grabbed this to take a photo for the blog and when I opened it up it was all broken!! I don’t know what happened, if somebody came into my room and accidentally dropped it or what ’cause it was fine when I used it this morning, but that’s where we are with it. I’m heartbroken over it. I said I was gonna repress it but the last time I did that to a broken product it kinda ruined its pigmentation so I’m scared to do it with my favorite blush and not be able to use it up completely. I might just crush it and use it as a loose powder blush but I feel like I waste so much product that way… Any suggestions?

NARS Orgasm blush

12 – Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Light (deluxe size): used it up March 21st.

 13 – Maybelline Great Lash mascara Lots of Lashes in brownish black: Finished it August 3rd.

14 – Shiseido Perfect Mascara: Haven’t used it.

15 – Maybelline The Colossal: I don’t think I’ve used it.

16 – Benefit Bad Gal mascara sample: Finished it April 24th.


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