The Project Pan Questionnaire

I decided to do this TAG that was created by Megan from megsmakeup8 on youtube. The questions are:

1: Why did you start Project Panning?

A: I felt like I had so much makeup and almost none of it was getting used, so I had to come up with a strategy to make myself use up some products.

2: What is the most rewarding part of Project Panning?

A: Finishing up a product, definitely!

3: What is the most challenging part of Project Panning?

A: Sticking to the same product day after day (for me it’s blush, even though I love the one I picked for round 1). I sometimes just wanna put something else on my face but I’m afraid that I’ll get off track with my Project Pan and it will take much longer to use up that product.

4: How many Project Pans have you done? Do you plan on doing more?

A: I’m currently on my first round of PP and I’ll definitely do some more – there are still A LOT of products to be used.

5: Are you also doing any other projects in addition to Project Pan? (i.e. Pan That Palette, Finish 5 By Fall, etc.)

A: Not officially, but I am trying to hit pan on a powder eyeshadow (2, to be exact) ’cause that will be a first for me.

6: Do you limit your spending or go on a No Buy while on Project Pan?

A: I’m technically on a No Buy, but that hasn’t gone too well for me, as you probably know.

7: Who are your favorite Project Panners to watch?

A: Megsmakeup8 (the creator of this tag – I absolutely LOVE her videos), PrettyPistol86 (such a gorgeous girl, she’s doing really well on her PP), MiuMiu G, who’s going through her non cruelty free items and plans to be almost 100% cruelty free by the beggining of 2015 I think, and Amber F. Amber F is project panning hyped up products on Youtube and was actually the one who inspired me to start blogging about project pan and her Pan that Palette challenge is awesome. You have to check out her progress on the Naked palette. It’s crazy. If you don’t know any of these women you should check ’em out!

8: What is your #1 tip for a successful Project Pan?

A: Keep everything in sight and make a point of using everything! Soon it will become routine and you won’t forget to use the selected products.

9: What is your goal for your makeup collection through Project Panning?

A: Using up some items, being more aware of expiration dates (trying to use up items before they go bad), thinking more about the way I spend my money when it comes to makeup (and everything else) – doing more research about products that I want to buy – and ultimately, have a smaller, more manageable makeup collection.

10: Which Project Panners do you tag to do this questionnaire next?

A: I’m not gonna tag anyone specifically but if you decide to do this tag, please let me know in the comments!


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