My experience with Back 2 MAC (AKA how I managed to cheat again on my no buy)

So, this past weekend I went shopping with my mother and I had to stop by at the MAC counter to buy a new Fix+ since my ELF Mist and Set was pretty much gone (and I just can’t live without a makeup setting spray, since I use mostly powder foundation). I decided to bring along my 6 empty containers just in case they had Rebel lipstick in stock. This lipstick has been all the rage in Brazil this fall and winter since many famous actresses have been wearing it, so it had been out of stock for months in MAC‘s and Sephora‘s websites (our Sephora online sells MAC!) and the counter in my town.


I had left my phone number for them to call me when it got back in stock, but since they didn’t, I thought it hadn’t come back. So I went there, asked for my Fix+ and asked when was Rebel coming back to stock, and to my surprise, they had it in store. They said there were like 80 people that had asked for them to call when they had it back, so they hadn’t managed yet to call everybody (and 150 people waiting for Flat Out Fabulous! Can you believe it?). So I decided to try it on and it’s just as gorgeous as everybody says it is. I tried Diva as well, but since I already own a red lipstick, I decided to go with Rebel. So I gave them my 6 empties and got my free lippie! This is so amazing, specially because we have to pay 30 US dollars for a MAC lipstick in Brazil. And also I had heard that they put a mark on your lipstick tube so you wouldn’t be able to back 2 MAC the free lipstick, but I didn’t see them do any of that. Do you know it that’s true?

Anyways, here is the trash I left at the counter:



And here is the goooorgeous lipstick that came home with me:



It’s an amazing color, truly special since it sometimes looks red and sometimes purple. It leaves a stain on your lips when it wears off, and it’s hard to remove that stain from your lips.

I’m really glad I got it, since I had been wanting it ever since it started getting cold here. Now I have it!

So that’s the story of how I managed to break my no buy again… I’m so bad at this “not getting new makeup” thing. But I do feel like I do my research much better now, and I only buy things I know I’ll really use. That’s it for me. Sorry for the longest story ever.

What is your favorite MAC lipstick?





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6 thoughts on “My experience with Back 2 MAC (AKA how I managed to cheat again on my no buy)

  1. 1reddiva83 says:

    I love back 2 MAC. I remember wearing studio fix foundation when i went to senior its a great foundation but I fell in love with liquid foundation. I love MAC Mineralize (even though its under a new name now) and I love MAC Ruby Woo, MAC sable eye shadow.


    • ProjectPanGal says:

      Ruby Woo is definitely on my wish list but since I own a dupe for it, it will be long before I get it. Sable is another one that I’d love to have, seems gorgeous on the swatches I’ve seen…. I loved hearing about your MAC faves, thanks so much for sharing!


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