Makeup I’ve hit pan on #2

So, this is sort of an update of the other makeup products I had hit pan on and a new addition to the list.


ELF Eyebrow powder



This is how much I used the creamier side of this eyebrow kit. I feel like it’s going so fast, maybe I use too much of it at a time. And the powder side it feels like I will never run out.


Quem disse berenice powder foundation


There’s a bit more pan showing on this powder foundation, but it also feels never ending. I really want to be done with this.



Milani XL bronzer


There’s more pan showing on this Milani Bronzer, I’ve been using it everyday.


And the new addition:


Benefit Bella Bamba blush


I was doing my mom’s makeup and playing with this Benefit Bella Bamba blush sample the other day and I suddenly hit pan. I do have a full size of this, because I absolutely love this blush. I can’t believe it’s been discontinued!


So this is my update on the other makeup I’ve been using constantly. Have you hit pan on anything lately?




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