Breaking my no buy!

So, it happened. I broke my no buy. It wasn’t just “cheating” as I called the other times I got new stuff, this time I officially broke it. I went to the store and actually bought something I did not need, and I gotta say:



I don’t know, I guess it isn’t the end of the world if I buy a new product, right? I didn’t feel bad about it, because it wasn’t an impulse buy, it was a product I had been wanting to buy for many months now. So the other day I went to the quem disse berenice (brazilian makeup brand) store because they were having a 50% off sale for all makeup removers, so I had to get them, I bought 3. One of them is a facial soap that is supposed to take off your makeup as well, one is a regular liquid makeup remover that I had already tried out in the store and is very good, and the other are makeup wipes which are only OK.





Since the World Cup is in Brazil this year and soccer (or football) is a huge deal here, the makeup brand was giving out 20% discount on all green, yellow and blue products (because they’re Brazil’s colors), and this eyeshadow I got is a blueish green, so it had 20% off. Since I knew I would buy it some day, I decided to take advantage of the sale. It is not and everyday eyeshadow but it’s gorgeous and I had never seen any eyeshadow like this. It was a great buy. I couldn’t get any good swatches, though.



So, a quick update I’m adding to the post a couple days later. The other day I went back to the same store and I HAD to buy 4 pencil eyeliners because they were half off. They are such gorgeous, colorful shades. Here are  swatches:


Because I did so poorly on my no buy, my new no buy rule now is: I have to finish 10 items before I buy something new (2 items for each one that I bought) and if I happen to get something as a gift, I’ll have to finish 2 more. Hopefully I can do better the second time around. Wish me luck!





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