Makeup I’ve hit pan on

Aside from my project pan products, I’ve been consistently using some other makeup products, and I’ve hit pan on 3 of them, so I decided to show you (because who doesn’t love seeing some pan action, right?)



All products (hit pan)


This one is ELF‘s eyebrow powder duo, which is an awesome product and so inexpensive too. It matches my brows almost perfectly and it lasts all day. It’s really easy to hit pan on it as well, because the left side is a creamy product and if you keep picking up the product in the same spot everyday, it does’t take too long to hit pan, maybe a couple of weeks, which means there’s not enough product in it or it should be more pigmented (but it’s still an awesome product). The powder side, though, I don’t think I’ll be hitting pan soon because it isn’t a great match for me, and I use it sparingly only to fill up spots where the creamy side looks too harsh, and lightly over the whole brow, to finish off the creamy product, helping it last longer.



I already talked about this powder foundation from the brazilian brand quem disse berenice on my everyday makeup products post. I’m just trying to use it up to get it out of my collection. I was seeing those rings from the pan for the longest time, and had no signs of actual pan, so it felt really gone once it appeared. It probably won’t take too long for the product to be gone.



I also talked briefly about this Milani bronzer on my everyday makeup products post, but I hadn’t hit pan on it when I wrote that post. This pan just appeared out of nowhere, it was very unexpected. I knew I was making a dent in it but had no idea I was so close to pan, unlike the powder foundation above. I was pleasantly surprised to see pan, because this product is so huge (12grams!) I thought I would never come close to finishing it – not that I will be finishing this anytime soon, but it feels good to know I’m headed to the right direction.



So this is it for the products I’ve hit pan on that aren’t on my project pan. I’ll keep updating you if I hit pan on any other products, but I don’t think it will happen soon. Tell me if you want to see updates on these specific products, because I’ll definitely keep using them on an everyday basis.

Have you hit pan on any products lately?




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