Benefit Eye Bright Review

So, I’ve finished this a while ago in my project pan and usually I do a review the same week I finish a product, but this review was kind of hard to do.

After I finished it in my project pan, I opened the back up I have of it and was using it for a couple of days so I could try to make my mind up of how I feel about this product but I’m not really sure.



Benefit Eye Bright



It is a product nobody ever talks about it, maybe because it’s an old one? I don’t know. I haven’t looked for reviews online because I didn’t want to “contaminate” what I think about this product with other people’s opinion.


On Benefit’s website it says “This instant eye brightener is like a nap in a stick! Perfect for all skin tones, this pink perk-me-up brightens your eyes and your spirits in a single stroke. Apply it to the inner & outer corners of each eye and blend for a wide-awake look. For best results, apply as the final step after you’ve applied other makeup”. I’ve tried wearing this like they said and also as kind of a corrector before concealer but I feel like normally it just doesn’t look so great, either way. I feel like maybe it’s too cool for my very warm skin.



Benefit Eye Bright


As you can see from the swatch above it seems to have glitter but it’s not very noticeable once applied, it just seems glowy . And it is also a bit pinker, in this picture it looks very white.


Normally it does not blend seamlessly, specially in the humid and warm weather where I live, it feels like it will just melt away on your skin but sometimes when I’ve used it, I was able to get a nice and discreet highlighting effect above my brow bone, so go figure. You should definitely not over apply it so it’s easier to blend. It does give a bright eye effect sometimes and other times it makes my eyes look tiny because of its cool tone.


Benefit Eye Bright


It is definitely not a must have product and it’s very expensive for what it is at 20 US dollars. It is just one of those products I don’t remember to reach for, and when I do, I have already finished up my makeup and it is hard to apply it because I get the best results when I apply it with my fingers, and I tend to smear my eyeliner if I do that, so I should remember to use it before applying the rest of my makeup but I just don’t.


Maybe if you have cool toned skin and live in cold and dry weather you would get along just fine with this product. I won’t be repurchasing it when I’m done with my back ups, but will keep using it looking for those rare occasions when I can make it work for me.


Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? Does it work for you?




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