Fixing broken products

A couple weeks ago I accidentally dropped my Lee Stafford “Blow dry your hair faster”, and the spritzer was unfixable. I was really sad about it because the product was in the beginning, I was only using it for a few months and thought I would have to toss it. My boyfriend then gave me the idea to depot it in another container, which I did, and the product kept working just fine.



So the other day I was organizing my makeup collection and saw my full size Benefit Stay Don’t Stray that I was thinking about tossing. It is a product I swear by because of a sample I got a long time ago, but when I got the full size, the product came all messed up. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it to Sephora online (there’s no Sephora store in my town), which I should have, because they sent me a bad product. The water part of it was always separated from the rest of the product, no matter how long I shook the bottle, so it was really hard to use.




Then, inspired by what happened with my hair product, I had the idea of depotting it, put it in an old Erase Paste jar, took the water off, stirred it with a little spatula and the product was as good as new! I was so happy about it, because it wasn’t a complete waste of money. Hopefully this will inspire us all to keep finding solutions for our problematic products, instead of just giving up and tossing them.




Has something like that ever happened to you? Did you find a solution for it?



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