Cheating on my “no buy”?

When I started this Project Pan I decided I was going on a no buy indefinitely, because I feel like I’m drowning in makeup and won’t use up everything I have.

So before I show you what I got, I’ll just say that I didn’t TECHNICALLY cheat, because I didn’t pay for what I got. This brazilian makeup brand called “quem disse berenice”  had this promotion last week in which you brought in to their store and gave them an old lipstick from any brand and in exchange you would get any of their lipsticks in a specific line, which was their creamy lipsticks. You had 89 shades to chose from and I chose a pink shade, that some people say is a dupe for MAC’s Girl About Town and a coral shade that leans very orange on the lips.


Batons quem disse berenice


This is the shade “Rosadona”. It is gorgeous on the lips. As you can see, the bullet of the lipstick has the expression “se joga” written on it, which I would translate to “go for it”, and it has a heart on top. The packaging also has hearts all over it, it’s really cute.


The shade “Coralosa” is a coral shade that leans very orange on the lips, as I’ve said before. The lasting power on them isn’t great because they are creamy but both feel very hydrating on the lips.



I don’t feel guilty or anything because I gave away 2 very old lipsticks that weren’t being used and weren’t going to be used and exchanged them for 2 new lipsticks, without spending a dime. And also it wasn’t like I was adding 2 lipsticks to my collection, since I was giving 2 away (although technically one of the lipsticks was my mom’s), so technically my collection hasn’t gotten bigger? Lol. That’s a makeup addict’s excuse, right there. I guess I just couldn’t pass up a free quality lipstick like that…


I’m happy because both shades are very different than what I already had. I don’t love the fact that they’re creamy, I prefer matte lipsticks, but the pink shade specially is incredibly gorgeous. It really pulls a look together.


In your opinion, would you say I cheated on my no buy?




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