Project Pan Round 1 – Update #2

It’s time for the second update of round 1!


All products


1- MAC Lipglass in Pink Lemonade: As you can see, I’ve marked where I am with both this product and Bubble Tea, so it’s easier to see progress. I haven’t used it this week though, I’ve been more into my lipstick.


Pink Lemonade


2 – MAC Plushglass in Bubble Tea: Same as Pink Lemonade.


Bubble Tea


3 – Contém 1g (brazilian brand) Lip Pencil in Pele Rosado (or Flesh Pink): Haven’t used it, because I only use it paired up with my lipglosses.


Lápis Contém 1g


4 – MAC Lipstick in Please Me: I have been using it all week, I think there’s a visible difference compared to last week’s picture (the color’s a bit off, but it’s the same lipstick).


Please Me


5 – Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32: I haven’t been using it because I had some irritation in my eyes, so I’ve been avoiding putting some stuff near it.

6 – Benefit Ooh La Lift: I have been using this everyday, it feels like there’s no end in sight! I’ll be glad when it’s gone.

7 – Benefit Erase Paste in number 2 (medium):  Finished it March 27th.

#7 Replacements: NARS radiant Creamy concealer  in Honey and NYX HD Concealer in Light: I have been using them everyday, the NYX one buffed in my inner corner for a touch of brightness and then I buff the NARS concealer on my under eye. It works great, I think there’s still a way to go with both of them (it’s hard to tell with the NARS concealer – but it feels like it’s getting towards the end of its life) and I am enjoying the results. I top them with my Bobbi Brown pale yellow powder, and it looks flawless.



8 – Benefit Eyebrow Pencil in Medium: I have been using it everyday, I think it will be gone in a week, two weeks tops, because it’s getting really difficult to sharpen. 


Benefit Eyebrow Pencil


9 – Benefit Eye Bright: Still haven’t touched it. Any suggestions on how to use it, so I can insert this in my routine?


Benefit Eye Bright


10 – Benefit Porefessional: I’ve been using this everyday on areas I feel my pores are enlarged, which is on my cheeks, near my nose. Since it’s a small area, I don’t need a lot of the product, so it still has a way to go, I believe.

11 – NARS Orgasm blush: I have been wearing it everyday and am starting to get a bit tired of it. I believe there’s some more pan showing this week.


Nars Orgasm Blush


12 – Bare Minerals Original Foundation in Light (deluxe size): used it up March 21st.

13 – Maybelline Great Lash mascara Lots of Lashes in brownish black: I’ve been wearing it everyday, after I put on my ELF eyelash primer, and this week, for some reason, the result hasn’t been great. Normally it makes my lashes look super long and beautiful but this week it hasn’t been working.




14 – Shiseido Perfect Mascara: Still haven’t touched it. I’m thinking about taking it off project pan and just saving it as a mascara to use on other people when I do their makeup.

15 – Maybelline The Colossal: I’m focused on using up Great Lash, so haven’t touched this.


Maybelline Colossal


16 – Benefit Bad Gal mascara sample: even though it is a bit dried up, it still helps to add volume to my lashes when I wear it paired up with my ELF eyelash primer and Maybelline Great Lash mascara.


*The pictures were taken by my father, if you want to check out his blog:

This week hasn’t been so exciting for me, maybe because I haven’t finished any products.

Do you have any tips on how to do project pan and enjoy it?




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