Blogging about project pan: the beginning

Hi, I’m Luiza, I’m a 24 year old student from Brazil and I love makeup. I love it so much that in a couple years span of loving makeup I’ve collected a considerable amount of it and now feel like my collection is getting out of hand. Some of it might already be expired and other things are well on their way to expiring. I’ve started to feel really bad about letting that happen so I started a project pan. Then I figured that everybody owns a makeup blog these days so why shouldn’t I? 


I believe having this blog will keep me accountable on my goals, (I’m still trying to figure out what they are) and also help me keep track of my progress and hopefully one day help somebody else look at their own makeup collection in a different way.


I haven’t set any specific time frame to finish the whole project, but once I get a hang on this project pan thing, I’ll be setting up time frames and my specific goals.


The one rule I have decided on is that I won’t be buying new products for a while (with the exception of a limited edition blush by MAC that will be coming out here in Brazil later this year), but not necessarily until I’ve finished the whole project. (I should explain that makeup in Brazil is really expensive and that also we don’t get new products at the same time as other countries or even have all the brands/products they do other places in the world, so that should make my “no buy” a bit easier).


 I’ll be posting soon the products I’m trying to use up on the first round of project pan.

Also, a little disclaimer: everything you’ll see in this blog I’ve bought with my own money.


4 thoughts on “Blogging about project pan: the beginning

    • ProjectPanGal says:

      Thanks! I thought it was a good idea because I started feeling bad about expiring products on my collection… As I said on your blog, you should try it! I don’t believe it will be easy, but I do believe it’s worth it!


  1. Makeup Geek | Maria Manoela Porto says:

    Não sabia se escrevia aqui em inglês ou português…. in english so everyone can read! The concept of the project is great! Last year I started a “lipstick diet” but it only lasted a few months, maybe three… Then I went to US and you can imagine! BUT I managed to stay there for two months without entering a MAC store! Actually when I am in US I don’t get too excited about MAC products having so many other brands to explore… also, as I am getting older, I feel more critical about products and I try not to buy for excitement although I love to test new things… Anyway, I have tons of makeup, lipsticks and concealers are my sin! At your age I had one concealer, a couple lipsticks and one pink blush I didn’t go out of the house without! I loved makeup and beauty pots all my life but it wasn’t a priority neither we had so many good brands around us! Or beauty blogs to tempt us!!!! My advice about your project is to set a goal and feel good about yourself. If you want a new blush but feels like you don’t need, maybe you can give to someone who has none! xxx, Manu


    • ProjectPanGal says:

      I can’t believe you wen’t to the US and didn’t enter a MAC store, there’s some will power right there! I guess since we have MAC in Brazil readily available we feel like exploring different brands when we travel. Like you suggested, I’m always giving away products that I know I won’t use or miss, because I feel like there’s no sense (for me) leaving a product in my drawers, occupying space when I know I won’t use it. But I decided to start this blog because I felt like I needed to be more critical about the way I spend my money and the products that I buy, because I felt I was really influenced by blogs. Whenever I or my parents travel overseas, I always have a huge list of new products to buy, so my collection was getting bigger and bigger without me even noticing it. I feel like I’m starting to be more critical about stuff, I’m not easily influenced by Sephora sales and promotions for example and I’m getting the sense of how long it takes to use up some cosmetics, so I’m not craving buying so much new stuff anymore. I’m learning what are my favorite products and the type of products I can always buy that I know I’ll use up (I’m crazy about concealers, just like you). Thanks for stopping by and for your advices, Manu! xox Luiza


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